Friday, February 27, 2009

Current Suggestion List for Feb/March 2009

I will keep this suggestion list updated as often as humanly possible. Please give a day or two for your suggestion to show up here. I will make sure all suggestions are forwarded to Trimble Outdoors at our regularly scheduled meetings.

Here's This Month's List From Our Readers:

  • Tell them to hurry with the Geocache Navigator for Blackberry Storm/Verizon! -Email
  • Make it work with Verizon blackberry phones. And make trimbles geocache navigator work with ANY Verizon phone. - Twitter
  • There needs to be a way to add waypoints for instance with a multi cache find. Or if you would like to enter in the coords of your car when you start a hike. This would make the program more useful as a multipurpose GPS and not just for Geocaching meaning more customers/users!! -Email
  • Maybe the ability to go ahead and enter notes for the logs if you would like. Maybe an option to turn on and off so you can go ahead and log the notes on the fly. - Email
  • Default to street map view. I know that maybe difficult because of pulling the map info from the net but it sure would be nice. -Email

Trimble Outdoors Suggestion Page

Here it is as promised. As a member of the Trimble Outdoors User Council I have the unique opportunity to voice your comments, suggestions and ideas for all of the Trimble Outdoors products. This page is geared for you to do just that as quickly and easily as possible. Please choose your method of communication below and allow a few days for it to actually get posted by me. I hope you find this way of communication to your liking.